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trembling, you've lost your touch's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
trembling, you've lost your touch

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[Monday Mar 7th, 05 @ 6:57pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

new journal.


add it. its friends only.

i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Thursday Mar 3rd, 05 @ 11:41pm]
[ mood | WHOOOO!! ]

got my permit today.

8 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

All eyes on the calendar; Another year I claim of total indifference: MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY [Wednesday Mar 2nd, 05 @ 10:02pm]
[ mood | happy ]

this birthday was by far the best ever. ill start from the very beggining.

i got to school and got a bunch of birthday cards. mikaela made me this really cool card she made, it was awesome. ashley c. gave me a card and this huge chocolate bar which was really cool considering we arent that close of friends. kayla made me the best poem in the world, the best one shes written. gigi gave me a DVD player. danielle is going to get me something soon, but its ok because i didnt get her anything. my parents got me $100 and veronica bought me shoeess. i got a bunch of phone calls and text messages throughout the day which was also very cool.

i got my eyebrow pierced but cant show it in school..its gay. so i had to wear a bandaid over it all day and will probly have to do it until it heals. i dont care tho, its just school. everyone kept asking me to see it, and some people made a big deal out of it..but people will always talk crap.

when i came home danielle and gigi surprised me with a cupcake tower cake haha it was huuuggee, i shouldve taken a picture of it. my mom bought me an ice cream cake and we ordered a shitload of pizza.

im looking forward to this weekend. me and amandas b-day dinner on friday, and im going to hang out with kayla on saturday IN PARKLAND, she is parkland mwuhahaha.im taking my permit test tommorow, & hopefully ill pass. people have told me its easy tho so im not really worrying about it. ok so i guess this is the end of my long update. peace bitches.

p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA. sharing b-days with you owns.

i love kayla clancy.

8 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Thursday Feb 24th, 05 @ 12:02am]
[ mood | pissed ]

im really mad that i didnt go to the atreyu show..it sucks but ill get over it. hopefully they'll come back and play soon.

birthday is this wednesddaayyy</maquee>

6 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Monday Feb 21st, 05 @ 3:43pm]
[ mood | sick ]

woah long weekend

thursday: dan and gigi came back to my house. we went to the all saints carnival. it wasnt that fun lol. we played bingo. gig went on one ride, and then we went to sleep at danielles.

friday: i was supposed to go to amandas party but my mom found out my aunt is dying so she didnt feel like driving anywhere..my dad refused to drive me to the beach so he took me and danielle to watch konstantine at sawgrass. really good movie but we had to leave before it ended.

saturday: FUCKING TASTE OF CHAOS. it was awesome and a lot of fun. jenn and meagen came and got me kayla and danielle. we got there and met up with stacy amanda and adam. it was reaalllllyy fun. a static lullaby made me mad, i thought they would do a lot better. underoath was fucking awesome fjkw54ho8i. the rest were ok. i dont really feel like going into detail about the whole thing because im sick and dont feel like typing.

sunday: me and gig slept at dans. we watched donnie darko, but the whole end was messed up because she bought it pre-viewed. meagen came over, and we watched zoolander, hahah it was funny.

im staying home today, i have two research papers due tommorow and im sick as hell. hopefully ill get to stay home tommorow and ill probly go get my ticket for wednesday.

12 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Saturday Feb 19th, 05 @ 11:13am]
[ mood | excited ]


i cant wait fkdy8u845g;lkh

2 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

another long entry: [Thursday Feb 17th, 05 @ 12:22am]
[ mood | tired ]

Monday the 14th:
went to school and got chocolate from gigi and kayla, which was cool. kayla gave me the funniest card haha..with the funniest poem in it, i think the best shes written. valentines day wasnt so bad, i thought it would be annoying for some reason. spent the whole day after school at the mall with kelly. went to her house and ate dinner after that. we took a bunch of funny pictures, which i will probly post later, and we wrote a bunch of funny songs haha i might post them sometime, i might not.

Tuesday the 16th:
school. mall again. slept over dans.

came home, watched tv, added music to the ipod, slept until 7, did some h.w.

quick question:
is there such thing as medicine to keep you awake? i know theres sleeping pills but i realized today that i fall asleep everywhere i go. like the bus, the mall, someones house, etc. its funny.

im going to a carnival tommorow which will be cool. i got invited to a party friday night which is also cool. fiesta fo sho, cant wait. saturday is t.o.c. best weekend, a long one at that.

8 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

i want a girl whose too sad to give a fuck. [Sunday Feb 13th, 05 @ 9:18pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

woah i never thought my saturday could be as bad as it was..friday i went to the movies with danielle and gigi and watched boogeyman, which was really gay. dont go see it. i ate subway for the first time and it fucked up my stomach lol if veronica finds out she'll shoot me. danielle slept over saturday and some drama went down in the morning that i dont even wanna talk about, its done with. in the midst of all the drama and shit, i actually had a a lot of fun today and forgot about everything. meagen picked me up around 1 or something and we went to pick kayla up. we drove around for like an hour looking for a dollar store because meagen wanted to buy fake bling haha which we never found. we went to eat donuts at dunkin donuts..we went to a dollar store in sunrise but had no luck there either. so we didnt find the bling and meagen started to feel sick so she dropped us off, shes the coolest, i <3 meagen. i love kayla too, its been like a year since we've hung out out of school and everythings cool between us now, and im looking forward to t.o.c, 5 days left & counting. im out, peace bitches.

5 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

nk45of4[;0fnoigh' [Thursday Feb 10th, 05 @ 11:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i was going to stop writing in this journal and just delete it or something but decided not to. i havnt updated in like 4-5 days, who knoowwss..but this is whats been going on:

monday the 7th:
didnt go to school, stayed home all day and watched tv, ate and slept.

tuesday the 8th:
didnt go to school again and went to the hh show. it was awesome, i went with jenn and meagen..i couldnt have asked for a better time this week. the crowd was also awesome and i got this huge scracth on my leg, nothing big. got home at 12:30 and had to go to school the next day.

wednesday the 9th:
i was in a bad mood the whole day because i was tired as hell and just wanted to come home and sleep.

went to the mall with the sister, didnt get anything..im trying to save my money.

im really looking forward to the end of this school year.

im going to sleep, its late..peace out bitches

3 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Sunday Feb 6th, 05 @ 8:57pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

i hardly update anymore, i find it useless to..it seems like lj is dead. anyone else agree? nothing much is new..went to sawgrass friday, didnt find the shoes i wanted, ill probly buy them online or something. yesterday i went to a party with gigina..it was fun, funner than i thought it would be. i made an appointment to get my permit the day after my birthday, 3/3/05. i wanted to go to kaylas house for the superbowl but i had no ride, i never have a ride anywhere. i bought an underoath jacket online the other day and im waiting for it to come in the mail. my aunt came down from tampa for the weekend, and i had to give my room up and sleep in the living room for the weekend, which sucks.im contemplating whether i should skip school or stay home from school tomorow but i miss a lot of school. im feeling really shitty today, enough complaining, im out peace bitches.

12 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Friday Feb 4th, 05 @ 8:20am]
[ mood | awake ]

we're a month from my birthday.

4 days until the HH show

15 days until TOC

About 3 weeks from the Atreyu show. =)

its going to be a good month. i went to work yesterday for like 5 hours and got a lot of money. i came home really late and decided to just go to sleep. im not sure what im doing tonight. schools gay, and so is science, the class im in right now. peace, the bell ran.

2 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Monday Jan 31st, 05 @ 10:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

went to the library after school with amanda to get a book for my research paper today. after that we visited stacy, who is really cool. i said "you have a nice house" and it was funny because she thought i was saying it to amanda but i really wasnt. her and amanda are going to the hawthorne heights show too =) whooo!! we hung out at her house for a little while but she was sick so she had to go to the doctor. i took the bus home and went to the gym with sasha for like an hour. im going to sleep, peace out bitches.

coral_springer JOIN right now.
because amanda made it, and shes fucking awesome.

1 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Sunday Jan 30th, 05 @ 12:30am]
[ mood | excited ]

WHOOO!! i just found out jenn is going to the hawthorne heights show haha i love hanging out with her and meagen, theyre funnyy and cool as hell..so i guess im going to buy my ticket tomorow.

this weekend is really boring..i didnt go to pis today but i didnt care that much.

i think im going to skip school monday, too much shit due.

6 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Thursday Jan 27th, 05 @ 11:44pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

went to the mall after school today with amanda, kayla, and gigi. i just finished my science project and a whole shit load of h.w i had. school was the same as always, nothing new ever happens. tommorows finally friday. maybe after the weekend ill have something to write about in here. right now theres not much to talk about, i guess its one of those boring entries.

3 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Tuesday Jan 25th, 05 @ 4:08pm]
[ mood | calm ]

WHOOO!! i realized today my birthday is coming up soon, March 2nd....ok so maybe its not soon but it will be in a couple of months. mwuahaha

school today was the same as always. i had to go to I.S first period because veronica brought us in late. i fell asleep in my spanish class, and amanda didnt go to school so i couldnt start my project because she has my sheet and napolean dynamite, she's had it for like a week lol..i think i'm gunna work with veronica at subrageous again, i need moneeeyy. i'm finally going to the doctor today, so they can do something about my crooked nose.

stole this from kayla, thought it was funnyCollapse )

16 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Sunday Jan 23rd, 05 @ 8:54pm]
[ mood | drained ]

went to the emery show yesterday with danielle, meagen, jenn, & natalie. it was awesome. emery is the best. remembering never was really good too. me and danielle met this girl from miami who was really cool, we probly wont ever see her again though. i broke my nose and got a fat lip moshing lol. i dont really feel like doing a big update, i think this is enough. peace out bitches

8 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Wednesday Jan 19th, 05 @ 8:23pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

ok so today school wasnt that bad, the day goes by really quick when i have D lunch. in science me and kayla talked a little about the end of the world haha she freaks out about it its funny..i think sooner or later it will end, but i think it'll be later not anytime soon haha..ok so after school i went to the tennis meeting with kayla. i wasn't planning to join but i guess ill give it a try, and gigi said she's going to do it too. after school i went over gig's house and stayed there the whole afternoon. i missed my bus so i couldn't run today, i guess ill just run tomorow. i took some funny pictures and decided to post them:

D lunch with kayla and gig

Annie (gigis dog)

Me climbing gigi's palm tree mwuahaha its monkey time


those were the only ones i took today, ill take some more later on and post them..im fucking pist, im trying to record memos and send them to my phone to use as ringtones but its not working..the 1st time i did it, it worked, but it doesnt anymore..my phones being gay. peace out bitches.

14 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Monday Jan 17th, 05 @ 9:22pm]
[ mood | cold ]

its freezing outside..it shoudlve been cold like this for christmas, not a month after, its crazy. sunday i went to the mall with meagen and jenn because they were applying for jobs..i like hanging out with them, theyre really cool. i sat there and ate burger king while they filled them out and i found out that the aunty annes pretzel place hires 14 year olds haha i need a job and a pretzel place isnt a bad idea. after the mall i got dropped off by meagens mom BUT my whole family left to miami so no one was home to open the door. my stupid grandma usually stays home and never goes anywhere, shes like a cave man but she went too. so i couldnt get in my house and i was freezing outside, i tried to open all the windows for like an hour but it was impossible. i called about 5 people to see if i could hang out with them while my parents got home from there but a lot of them were busy..i ended up going to kellys house, shes the shit. when i got there i played cards with her and her family and ate smores that kelly made. after that we started to watch fight club but i fell asleep =/ and she didnt wake me up until veronica came to get me around 11:30 i think. today was cool..i took the bus to magnolia and met up with kayla..she cooked for me and rented shaun of the dead =) i stayed there the whole day, it was a lot of fun. so now im back home and i thought i should update before i went to sleep.i know tomorows tuesday but im really looking forward to this weekend..fun with kellina friday and emery show with meagen jenn and kayla on saturday mwuahaha

10 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

LJ IS BACK!! [Saturday Jan 15th, 05 @ 9:49pm]
[ mood | WHOOO!! ]

WHOOO!! haha ive been trying to update the whole day and this shit was down. friday i went to kellys house with gigi and we stayed there the whole night. we ate pizza and rode bikes for like 2 hours, it was a lot of fun..today i came to amandas and i finally saw the other amanda after yearss.. jesus its crazy how long it has been, and i used to see her everyday, so that was cool. maybe we can hang out more sometime.we watched napolean dynamite haha. after the other amanda left and me and the other amanda went to K-mart..she bought a disposable camera and a bunch of other stuff and took a bunch of pictures.. kayla came at like 7 and we walked to blockbuster..we tried to get girl next door but she didnt have a card so the lady said no. after that we walked to mcdonalds and i ate, we walked back to kmart and just walked around..so now we're back at her house..this weekends going good, and its a long one. we all wanna go to the beach this weekend but its probly going to rain so we doubt we'll be able to go.. oh well. so not much is going on except for hanging out with people..life is good and livejournal is back.

21 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

[Wednesday Jan 12th, 05 @ 7:25pm]
[ mood | sick ]

im updating only because jenn the whore told me to j.k. i feel really sick, i think i'm staying home from school tomorow. i went to danielles today. we went to the mall and ate with the money i stole from veronica haha. i was going to buy my tickets to the hawthorne heights show but i was short a dollar fifty so we just ate food..we went back to her house and played with her drum set, watched tv, and walked her dogs. school was ok today, i have two projects already..it sucks. they changed the bus route..its crazy, i was so used to the last one. it sounds dumb but the route is a lot better now, so taking the bus isnt as bad anymore. oh yea something really funny happened last night..it was 1 in the morning and i couldnt fall asleep. i was online listening to music, and all of a sudden i hear 3 loud bangs. i thought someone was banging on my window and i was so fucking scared i ran to veronicas room and told the bitch to wake up haha..now that i look back at it it makes me laugh cuz i ran so fast..she told my dad and they looked outside and crap because bertha heard it too. my dad looked in the bathroom and realized it was only the shower curtain that fell and not some thief robbing my house. ok so thats all bitches, i think im going to sleep, im tired as hell.

3 sleepless nights, this isn't how it's supposed to be

23 things go according to plan,i'll have her finished by five a.m...

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